Sex and the City: still so relevant 12 years later

My current obsession is Sex and the City (the series, not the movies). Some friends of mine told me I had to watch it immediately, and now I physically can’t stop watching.

Sex and the City was revolutionary for its time, proven by both its many awards and nominations, as well as its consistent popularity throughout the past 20 years. I’m a nerd, so I think its interesting how viewers are able to see how technology in America transformed from 1998-2004 through the show itself. For example, Carrie began the series with a desktop PC and a cordless home phone. She ends the series with a Macbook and a flip phone.

The most advanced technology featured in the show was early Amazon and TiVo. In one episode, Carrie even explained to the audience how Google worked. So, how did a show that was in its prime before digital media stay so relevant into today’s digital world? The technology of online streaming has allowed the fan base to grow exponentially, as new generations of women discover the show. Sex and the City fans keep engaged online through various platforms and have formed communities surrounding the brand. The show is timeless and relates to many types of women and their daily experiences, so the show has easily evolved into the digital world through its fans themselves.

  1. On HBO’s website, fans can download screensavers, shop for merchandise, follow a city tour guide and test their knowledge with a trivia game. I got a 91%, but I feel like I could do much better.
  2. Even though Facebook was created after the series had ended, the series has over 13 million fans on Facebook! 12 years after the show’s finale, they still post regularly on their Facebook page. They frequently highlight iconic scenes and quotes, which allows the true fans to reminisce on their favorite moments with the girls.
  3. There are various Twitter fan pages that tweet our favorite lines and photos from the girls. Many fans tweet back and comment, further developing the online community around the brand. One fan page has over 371,000 followers!
  4. Last but not least, GIFs are everywhere and I love them. The women of Sex and the City are so relatable and wise, you can quote them on anything. They’ve been through a lot in 6 seasons and they can offer a solution to any situation. The girls’ facial expressions and reactions are used on Buzzfeed articles, blogs, and quizzes everywhere. It’s hard to go one day online without seeing one of the girls on my social media, and that is fine with me.



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