Wendy’s is savage and Twitterverse loves it

I know I’m not the first person to acknowledge how Wendy’s Twitter account is hilarious, but I wanted to address how I love it as a digital marketing strategy for the company.

Wendy’s understands who Twitter users are and how they utilize it as a platform. While there are Twitter users all over the demographic spectrum, the most active users are the millennial generation and younger. Millennials were the innovators that first made Twitter successful in its launch in 2006 and continue to consider it as one of their favorite platforms. Millennials largely use Twitter to: 1) talk about politics 2) complain about things and 3) share jokes and memes. Wendy’s marketing team has gone with #3 and ran with it. 

The overarching goal of a social media campaign is to create an online community around your brand, where you can facilitate discussion about the brand in a positive light. Nothing gets millennials talking more than a savage fast food company tweeting insults and “clapbacks” about its competitors. This clever use of brand personification makes millennials want to be Wendy’s best friend. This guy even wanted to hookup with Wendy’s, to which they replied “We are literally a restaurant.” 

If you haven’t seen Wendy’s Twitter yet, here’s one of my favorite videos that compiled the best of the best examples of Wendy’s tweets:


Insta the travel guide: Atlanta edition

I love doing “Insta the travel guide” posts for two reasons. 1) I get to spread the word about how one can use social media platforms to your advantage while traveling! 2) I try to convey to the marketing world and business owners the importance of the use of social media platforms to reach certain markets. For many like me, if we can’t find your business online, we can’t find your business in person.

My first blog post ever was about how I used the Instagram account, ATL Bucket List, to make the most out of my summer in the city! Now, I wanted to do a separate post about my favorite places I found through Instagram! ATL Bucket List and the Atlanta Places tag were great places to start, as well as stalking friends’ and family’s ¬†accounts! Here are my top 9 places in Atlanta!

1. Murals: I am the most stereotypical millennial and loved the murals. They are all over the city and this Instagram account tells you where they all are! My friends from school came to visit and I dragged them all over the city to see them. This particular one is in the heart of the Edgewood neighborhood and definitely my favorite of the ones we saw!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

2.¬†Jackson Street Bridge: This was by far the hardest place to find because most people don’t like tagging its exact location, but I found it! This bridge has the best cityscape view in the city (that I found so far)! Hopefully this helps someone else who had seen it pictures, but couldn’t find it!

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3.¬†High Museum of Art: ¬†I don’t live under a rock. I had heard about the High before, but the photos in the¬†Places tag made me want to go! I wouldn’t say I am “into” art, but I loved exploring this place!

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4.¬†Chattahoochee Coffee Company: In the back of a gated apartment community, there is the cutest coffee place with the BEST view in Atlanta (ITP!) Pull up to the call box, say “Coffee!” and they’ll buzz you in!

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5. Atlanta History Center: While the museum itself was very interesting, the best part is the Swan House¬†out back and its gardens! I had seen photos of this place and had to find it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a must-see while in Atlanta! It was once owned by the (very rich) Inman family in the 1930s. Today, it’s known for that the Hunger Games was filmed there!


6. Sweet Auburn Curb Market: Definitely one of the coolest places I’ve been! Sweet Auburn Curb Market was started in 1918 after the Great Atlanta Fire of 1917, as part of the area’s revitalization efforts. Today, you can find really affordable produce and meats, as well as shop at various food court style restaurants! I highly recommend Bell Street Burritos, a local business similar to Barberito’s and Moe’s!

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7. Monday Night Brewing: Although one of the big three breweries in Atlanta, I initially found Monday Night through a friend’s Instagram and I had to go see the tie wall! While I wasn’t the hugest fan of their beer selection (I’m not a fan of really hoppy beer), it has a great atmosphere and hilarious tour guides. Tucked away in West Midtown, this a must try for a fun evening out!

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8. Midtown: Midtown is an obvious must-see, but a picture with the sign in Colony Square is a must-do while in Atlanta! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

9. Georgia Aquarium: This one is cheating because I interned there this summer and I didn’t find it on Instagram, but it is definitely an Atlanta must-see and their Instagram is always on point. One of my favorite things I’ve ever done was getting to take a yoga class in front of Ocean Voyager!¬†Processed with VSCO with se2 preset

The best thing that has ever happened to me in my life was catching this cutie’s attention and snapping this awesome picture of our staring contest! I love beluga whales.

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These are my top 9 spots in the city! What are your favorite spots in Atlanta?

Insta the travel guide: Philly edition

In any industry, the most powerful marketing tool has always been word of mouth recommendations. As consumers, we trust our friends’ opinions. If they have a great experience, we expect the same. In our social media driven society, it’s only natural that word of mouth has gone digital. Instagram has made it extremely easy to share our ideas with our friends and strangers by simply uploading a picture and a caption. It’s my go-to travel guide because I tend to like seeing the sights and experiencing the cool, local stuff instead of the tourist crazed attractions. If I’m ever in a new city, I always follow about 5-10 local Instagram accounts to find the best of the best and I haven’t been disappointed yet. My very first WordPress post was actually about my great experiences with the Atlanta Bucket List account. Most recently, I used Instagram to make the most out of my trip to Philadelphia! While we were only there for a couple days, we made the most out of the city.

Start off the with the Places tag or hashtag of the city you’re in to see the most popular photo ops. We didn’t see too many unique sights this trip because my mom was not up to walking 15 miles a day, but then again, neither was I. It was too cold for this southern girl.


Then, search for accounts with the city in the name. phillyfoodies and philadelphiafoodie gave us such a great recommendation for brunch near our hotel, we ate there twice! Green Eggs Cafe was amazing and I highly recommend the rosemary potatoes and the cookie dough stuffed french toast. They also led us to Federal Donuts, which is hands down one of the coolest custom donut places I’ve ever been to!

I’m vegetarian, but my mom had to make the tough decision on whether to try Geno’s or Pat’s philly cheesesteaks. She went with Geno’s and she actually said she’d had better before. Our Uber driver said Pat’s was better, so we maybe should’ve listened to him and not based the decision on the most photogenic building. ūüôā

We found Bar Bombon the old fashioned way (Google maps), but this place is my #1 Philly recommendation y’all. The entire restaurant is vegetarian, and you wouldn’t even know. My mom, a carnivore, said this was the best place we went to the entire trip! Highly recommend literally everything on the menu.

Thanks Insta for another great trip!


Trade your thoughts for free stuff

Millennials, as a whole, are very skeptical of companies and their underlying motives of advertising. Influenster¬†acknowledges that most consumers today heavily rely on reviews and opinions from friends when making a purchase decision. Taking this idea into the 21st century,¬†they’ve created an online platform where you can review products with the incentive of receiving free products in the mail! Rather than give a¬†summary on how Influenster works, I want to focus on how both businesses and consumers can benefit from these types of websites.¬†I’m currently participating in the “Chapstick Naturals VoxBox.” I’m going to be sent a selection of Chapstick’s newest product line to test and¬†review!


Using a program¬†like this is so beneficial for companies during a new product launch. The product receives guaranteed buzz and it will almost always receive¬†accurate feedback.¬†Influenster selects users that they believe have some authority in the product’s field and that will give an honest opinion. For example, if I had said that I do not normally use lip balms, I probably wouldn’t have been selected for the ChapStick campaign. They also select participants by their “social impact.” Your impact score is calculated by how many friends and followers you have on your social media accounts. This helps Influenster calculate how effective you will be in reaching the most amount of people. This also ensures the company that their message will reach as much of the target market¬†as possible, as well as rewards the Influenster users¬†that have all of their social media accounts connected. My impact score is high, which allows me to be considered for many VoxBoxes, even when I may not be the most active user.


Influenster benefits both companies and consumers by simply sharing opinions. Consumers do not always trust a company’s word in their advertising. It often takes that third party to say, “Yes, this product is actually really great.” Influenster users are able to be that third party, while receiving benefits for their time and effort used. Try it, if it’s something you think you’d be interested! It’s totally free to join and you get free stuff, so why not?

Sex and the City: still so relevant 12 years later

My current obsession is Sex and the City (the series, not the movies). Some friends of mine told me I had to watch it immediately, and now I physically can’t stop watching.

Sex and the City was revolutionary for its time, proven by both¬†its many¬†awards and nominations, as well as its consistent popularity throughout the past 20 years. I’m a nerd, so I think its interesting how viewers are able to¬†see how technology in America transformed from 1998-2004 through the show itself. For example, Carrie began the series with¬†a desktop PC and a cordless home phone.¬†She ends the series with a Macbook and a flip phone.

The most advanced technology featured in the show was early Amazon and TiVo. In one episode, Carrie even explained to the audience how Google worked. So, how did a show that was in its prime before digital media¬†stay¬†so relevant into today’s digital world? The technology of online streaming has allowed the fan base to grow exponentially, as new generations of women discover the show.¬†Sex and the City fans keep engaged online through various platforms and have formed communities surrounding the brand. The show is timeless and relates to many¬†types of women and their daily experiences, so the show has easily evolved into the digital world through its fans themselves.

  1. On HBO’s website, fans can download screensavers, shop for merchandise, follow a city tour guide and test their knowledge with a trivia game. I got a 91%, but I feel like I could do much better.
  2. Even though Facebook was created after the series had ended, the series¬†has over 13 million fans on Facebook! 12 years after the show’s finale, they still post regularly on their Facebook page. They frequently highlight iconic scenes and quotes, which allows the true fans to reminisce on their favorite moments with the girls.
  3. There are various Twitter fan pages that tweet our favorite lines and photos from the girls. Many fans tweet back and comment, further developing the online community around the brand. One fan page has over 371,000 followers!
  4. Last but not least,¬†GIFs¬†are everywhere and I love them. The women of Sex and the City are so relatable and wise, you can quote them on anything. They’ve been through a lot in 6 seasons and they can offer a solution to any situation. The girls’ facial expressions and reactions are used on¬†Buzzfeed articles, blogs, and quizzes everywhere. It’s hard to go one day online without seeing one of the girls on my social media, and that is fine with me.


Starbucks gets it

Starbucks gets it

If you know anything about me, you know that I am in love with Starbucks. I’m currently typing this post sitting in Starbucks, while sipping my grande caramel iced coffee with cream. You may be silently judging me for supporting a “corporate monster” or being basic, but I can’t help but love the company, from both¬†the coffee lover perspective, as well as from the marketer perspective.¬†In my opinion, Starbucks¬†is crushing the digital marketing game right now. Here’s how:

  1. Every person I know has the¬†Starbucks app on their phone. The app is the company’s best asset right now. Customers can reload their card and pay for their order with their phone in seconds. They’ve mastered the fastest and easiest point of sale system without having to use¬†Apple Pay or other similar third party technologies. The mobile order feature may have its ups and downs logistically, but more often than not, it is an extremely useful tool for customers on the go. It literally saved my life a few times this summer on the way to work when I hit the snooze 3 extra times.
    1. Side note: Gold Card.¬†We all know that a loyalty program is¬†one of the¬†easiest marketing tools to keep customers coming back, but the Gold Card is the best I’ve seen.¬†I’ll be the first person to tell you that I fell for it; hard. I felt like I was the cr√©me de la cr√©me of Starbucks customers¬†when I got that shiny, personalized card in the mail. Now, on the app, you can whip out your digital gold card and be twice as basic and I love it.
  2. ¬†They utilize their social media platforms¬†correctly.¬†There is¬†nothing worse than a business that doesn’t know how to use its social media platforms. Starbucks effectively uses social media to achieve its overall goals of building brand awareness and product promotion. On Twitter,¬†Starbucks frequently tweets original content and retweets a lot from fans.¬†Starbucks uses its Facebook page to post photos and links, as well as respond to its customers in the comments.¬†Its¬†Instagram¬†only features artistic photos and leaves the promotional content in the caption. Their¬†Pinterest features DIYs and recipes on fancy coffees and pastries. Starbucks’ Youtube features both fun videos on coffee recipes, as well informational videos on where they source their beans. They even have a LinkedIn, where they share stories and information on the more corporate side of the company. Check out¬†1912 Pike, the official Starbucks blog, to learn about the company’s history and more than you ever need to know about coffee! I’m not saying that Starbucks is the only company that knows how to use its social media, but I’m just pointing out that if they weren’t doing it correctly, you’d¬†know and you’d hate them for it.
  3. They create unique campaigns that they know people will like. This is really how Starbucks is setting themselves apart from the rest, as far as digital marketing is concerned. They create fun, engaging campaigns that both promote the brand and make each customer feel special. Everyone loves coffee in general, so the longer Starbucks can keep a customer engaged with their brand, the better. Here are three promotions that are happening right now that customers, like me, are loving!
    1. Did you know that right now you can talk to The Real PSL? To promote the famous¬†Pumpkin Spice Latte, customers can¬†Facebook message PSL! He’s obviously just an automated ChatBot¬†that responds to certain phrases, but it’s just for customer enjoyment and product promotion. It’s simple, yet entertaining!
    2. Make sure you enter your phone number to receive exclusive, early access to the PSL. All you do is enter your phone number and it texts you your very own PSL Fan Pass to show your barista at checkout!
    3. I’m about to win Starbucks for Life,¬†just as soon as I melt that one last magical ice cube that completes my game piece row and then, I’ll be sipping on Starbuck’s coffee until I die. Pro tip: You get 4 free extra ice cubes when you enter your address in the link at the bottom of the page. ūüôā